Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA)

What is AVVA?

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) is a unique organization with over 10,000 members including veterans, their families, and supporters. We are dedicated to improving the complex issues affecting our Vietnam Veterans, veterans of all eras, their families, and communities.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we can support our programs through tax-deductible donations and membership dues.

Who can be a member of AVVA?

Any person who holds true to the purposes of AVVA regardless of their age, race or creed may apply for membership. Persons who qualify for membership in VVA are also accepted as nonvoting members.

AVVA Structure

AVVA membership is divided into nine regions that consist of States, Chapters, and At-Large Members.  AVVA members have the choice of incorporating or remaining unincorporated at the state and chapter levels.

AVVA Programs

  • Project Friendship:  An annual initiative supporting special veterans programs within a targeted city.
  • Paper Safe:  A resource tool that organizes important military, banking, insurance, and other documents.
  • PTSD '2':  A peer-support program designed to bring awareness and recognition to secondary PTSD.
  • Helping Hands Grant:  Provides grants to assist communities with homeless programs for veterans and other Veteran-help projects.
  • Agent Orange Town Hall Meetings:  Provide information regarding the transgenerational effects of Agent Orange and other toxic exposures.
  • Spousal & Survivor VA Benefits Educational Seminar:  Program focused on bringing awareness to what is currently available to the spouse, widow, widower, and family of the veteran. Includes brochure and seminar packet.
  • VISTA Program:  VISTA, or "Volunteers in Service to America," is a program which tracks and records volunteer hours provided by AVVA's membership in their communities.


Contact Linda Yates, President, at or (615) 479-6796 cell.