What is AVVA?

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA) are a group of people who are dedicated to advancing the work of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. (VVA), through cooperative projects and/or programs, to facilitate, enhance and improve communications with our members and the general public, and to continue legislative efforts to ensure the rights of, and benefits for, all veterans and their families.  AVVA is dedicated to the aggressive advancement of realistic goals with integrity and in the spirit of unity that reflects its commitment to Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., all veterans, their families, and communities.  The AVVA is an independent membership and service organization.

Who can be a member of AVVA?

Any person who holds true to the purposes of AVVA regardless of their age, race or creed may apply for membership. Persons who qualify for membership in VVA are accepted as non-voting members.

AVVA Structure

AVVA membership is divided into nine regions that consist of States, Chapters, and At-Large Members.  AVVA members have the choice of incorporating or remaining unincorporated at the state and chapter levels.

AVVA Programs

  • Military and Veteran Caregiver Network (MVCN):  AVVA and MVCN will provide peer support services for caregiving members.
  • In Memory Plaque Project:  To help properly memorialize the brave veterans of the Vietnam War who died after the war—because of the war. The In Memory Plaque, located near statute of The Three Soldiers,  has been underexposed and nearly invisible to visitors. See nfvf.org.
  • Service Officer Program:  As a Veteran Service Organization, AVVA has a dual and equal obligation to provide both community and veterans benefits and representation activities. The responsibility of providing effective veterans benefits representation is shared by the National Board and Veterans Benefits Committee (VBC).
  • Project Friendship:  Each year, a nonprofit organization is selected by the convention host chapter.  Presentation of the donation is made at the national meeting.
  • Paper Safe:  A free publication to store personal papers.
  • Helping Hands Grant:  The Helping Hands Grant is for the purpose of lending aid to various projects that assist Veterans or their families, homeless, or other charitable projects.
  • Survivor's Benefits:  Publication to assist surviving spouses/children to receive compensation and educational benefits through the VA.
  • VISTA Program:  VISTA, or "Volunteers in Service to America," is a program which affords AVVA the ability to keep realistic and accurate records of the thousands of hours that our members spend volunteering in their communities.

Legislative Efforts

  • Homeless Veterans.
  • Postage Stamp Resolution to Honor WWII Veteran.
  • Agent Orange Education Campaign
  • Many illnesses suffered by veterans, including current legislation:  Agent Orange Extension Act (H.R. 3423); Military Toxic Exposure Act of 2015 (S.901).


Contact Linda Yates, President, at lsy1858@gmail.com or (615) 965-2058.

New Life Member dues structure:  59 years old and under $175.00; 60 years old and older $100.00.

Website:  avva.org.

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America (AVVA)